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If you’ve checked in before, yes–this is still the site for Cavalier’s business books. First choice: business or literary writings?

As a professional free-lance writer, Richard Cavalier has addressed many then-unrelated issues that for some reason seem to be becoming topical again, many years or decades later than when first written. Moreover, some of those ideas and background skills are becoming correlative, as in world travel plus international politics or ESL (English as a Second Language).
Of course, wide exposure would be true of the work of many writers if they have not chosen to restrict their work to a narrow area of interest. What’s significant in this case is that the opinions and viewpoints expressed by Cavalier (at both much-earlier and recent times) have come to be the general positions in today’s interpretations of current and recent-past events.
The web has helped to spread contrarian ideas that would have gained no circulation in the days of news blackouts. At that time, contra-establishment views could be consigned to idea-purgatory and withheld from the public. No longer. Yet, the original dismissal of unpopular, but valid, viewpoints reflects both the concerted effort toward silence that vested interests can make when challenged by unwelcome truths. . .and also how obediently the venal press will favor the interests of their advertisers and politically powerful vested interests over their readers and viewers. Unwanted truths still suffer.'
Briefly: Cavalier trained as a journalist and has traveled in more than 40 countries. That exposure has provided perspective on foreign events both witnessed and/or interpreted. Further, all of his grandparents were foreign-born, and he is familiar with the rudiments, or more, of multiple languages. Find details in a short-form resumé on the business home page, at “About the Author” link, at the base of the Note.
Besides his business books in group communications (his specialty) that eclectic life-mix resulted in a verbatim tutor-text ESL book for the language-handicapped, who can’t still be served (or man-handled) by the methods of pre-1980. Now, using dictionaries as class texts, teen/adult learners can get basic training (not entire language-learning) in pronunciation and vocabulary development to personal need in the community or company–simply, quickly, and economically, tutored by any native-speaker of English. Taking basics directly to the communities is the nation's only current hope of mastering the problem of massive levels of language handicaps: estimated to be 20% of population!
Therefore, the old totally-Meetings site has now become an Omnibus site, containing the original existing Business Books segment but adding Creative Writing, which contains Essays & Opinions and Literature. . .still largely unwelcome, the writer expects.
Some sections are made more relevant when author’s Notes clarify their original context. In every instance, all Notes are followed by either documents or buttons, which lead to additional related material. The ideas presented really work in the real world.
First choice: Business Books or Creative Writing? There’s thoughtful and even useful information in both.

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