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This section contains both Essays & Opinions and also literary material. What’s salient is exactly their curiosity value in their own time and their surprising validity now. Most serious writers and journalists have discovered that firm views based on a good eye and unbiased interest can usually uncover a lasting truth. To their dismay, some also learn that such truths are rarely welcome if they offend the advertisers of that member-company of the press.
Several choices for starting:

Literature includes both a novel and a book of stories presented here, with a parcel of 5 play excerpts; reading copies if requested in writing on theatre or community-sponsor letterhead.

Essays and Opinions: Published Healthcare articles date back to 1970 and 1986. Notice also that (at that time) no one ever mentioned the term “single payer” above a whisper (if it existed in 1986), but the article’s final thrust seeks precisely that–with a how? summary comment. The needs have been clear for 25 years or more– but the needs of patients have lost out to the wants of the Healthcare Industry in general and the insurance business in specific.
Political articles usually become wrapping for the garbage before long. That’s partly because the reality of events and the deceptiveness of the official government spins don’t match for very long. Read the range of today’s (or last year’s) hot topics–some, letters addressed to the Congress, where the articles can be easily ignored. But given the wonders of phone-fax and e-mail tracking these days, the Congress can’t deny that somebody has stated a contrary view to their very own offices. For instance: amnesty. Some politicians still favor amnesty, even after public disapproval crashed the phone system in the Capitol.
The Miscellaneous group contains just about everything else which isn’t clearly political but was never clearly the purview of the spin artists, either. All of the miscellaneous group and most of the non-letter political group were articles published in an approximately 18 month period between mid-year 2004 and January, 2006, in The MindSet Publication, of south-suburban Los Angeles. Obviously, broader exposure is needed.
Even the most outspoken articles can be ignored by the establishment press if the circulation of its competitors is small enough so that only voiceless people are perceived to be reading it. But this author has often been ignored before. . .and only decades later has been demonstrated to be on the right track. So borrow whatever ideas you or your group can use now!

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