"Among Others" is a collection of short stories that began as hobby writing and ended with a shelf-ful of stories that have interested friends from time to time. So the stories were collected into this book, together with the author’s own brief recollections about memorable world travel, entitled “Shards of Memory.” Two stories are offered in full, below.
“Shoes,” is a soft view, which is not the author’s favorite style (combative probably is, as in “Essays and Opinions”) but soft is also not non-existent.
“Settling on the Meaning of Life,” is included as immediate social observation, because the religious bigots of the nation need to be reminded of the absurd aspect of so many of their emotional commitments to the religion business–which sells easy and comfortable answers to the unknown and unknowable. Always in support of the Kings. For a price, of course. The inventory is created by mouth.
The novel "Young Song" (the heroine’s personal names) is a witnessed account of the Rhee Era in Korea, in which the US (again) supported a dictator despite his brutality. . .because we were fighting communism in the name of freedom. It was happening in many other places, as well. However, the American people don’t see the hell that devolves on the innocents of those war-ravaged places. . .and Young Song as heroine takes you into her unhappy world.
Chapter 3 of the novel is reprinted in full below; it takes you into Young Song’s world. If you wish to know more, the novel is in print.
Five plays reflect issues that have been or are still significant social issues. . .but that category is still under construction (until Summer 2010) on the website of a producing theatre.Meanwhile, a brief precis of each of the 5 follows. The Spring material will contain about 20 pages of dialog from each, which can be considered inquiries to interested theatre companies. Info:
You might not like the ideas expressed in the Creative Writing section, but you will surely not be bored! If that inspires you to think independently, then this author has succeeded!
Skim or scan the following categories. For best results, take your brain on the trip!

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