Topical Orphans
NOTE: Outsiders often have insights on problems that the trades' own authorities sometimes can't see. Two examples here, in original Cavalier ideas:
This “Second Mortgage” article was probably the first of its type to present its how-to material from the viewpoint of the potential borrower, not the lender. As a result, the article was reprinted by at least one bank. BH&G had tested ‘ears’ for topics on advance-testing of articles. “Second Mortgage” was the highest draw to that date. The article is credited to the section’s Editor of that time, as was all material not written by a well-known authority.
However, Cavalier also wrote the travel industry’s first how-to article for potential travellers that showed travellers how to compare commercial travel brochures to each other and then how-to compare those brochure costs to do-it-yourself planning. A US airline “bought” the rights to reprint in exchange for a major ad in “BH&G”--although the original article had appeared in “Apartment Ideas,” also a Meredith Publication. Meredith and Cavalier had a long and pleasant working relationship for several years in several sister publications.

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