It's easy to believe the slick view of the world because it's slick. But Wonderland's Alice has already told you that "Things are not what they seem!" World travel tends to make you believe in Alice.
Given a few easy explanations and bright slogans, some people are equipped to spend the day without thinking.. A few opinions from a contrarian can help to make any day a little rockier but possibly eventful and potentially new.
All of the following newspaper articles were published in Mind Set, a multi-community publication in South Los Angeles, between late 1964 and early 1966. All were considered to be contrarian at that time but have tended to reflect later views and positions (pro or con) that now seem mainstream.
The final article was written by the late Editor of that paper, who signed “ML.” He and I usually agreed on contrarian opinions. We were brothers from Contraria. In memoriam.
CONTRARIA from Mind Set Publication
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