OVERVIEW: If any single diplomatic effort fails to achieve its envisioned outcome, that’s life. But when multiple diplomatic effort fail repeatedly, that reflects a failure in the diplomatic plans, process, and/or office.
1) Unwavering support for Syngman Rhee in Korea, who obtained the first Presidency there by fraudulent claim and so was legitimately subject to challenge by anyone—then, North Korea. Who but the communists had the power or will to oppose the US in the South?
The US had previously recognized the hegemony of Japan over Korea; so concern for Korea’s citizens and civil war was not our primary objective. A US/USSR/China economic war billed as freedom for Koreans?
Ex-diplomat Christopher Hill commented on the Charlie Rose TV program in 2008 that “Korea was the result of outside forces.”
2) Support in Iran for the dictator Shah Pahlavi (son of an army general; the Shah “owned” 10% of every corporation established in Iran). When the Shah was overthrown, the US gave refuge to the Shah during that untoward period; that fact still pollutes our relations with Iran.
3) Unnecessary war in Iraq (former Republican Congressman Dick Armey, on the Charlie Rose TV program, 3/4/10) seen at least in part as an inversion of the Arabic phrase: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Re-interpreted here by the Neocons for Israel as “My friend should be my enemy’s enemy.”
Moreover, Saddam Hussein had demand euros, not dollars, for his oil, thereby threatening the primacy of the dollar, which denomination is owned privately by the Federal Reserve System, not the US Government. Money—the other part of war.
4) Lest it be forgotten, socialist Fidel Castro went to Congress before he was purshed into Russian hands to swear to communism. Money motives made lasting enemies.
The Western colonial system was created to keep the European powers in control of the world’s economy. Given India and China today, control is no longer possible in the long term. It seems foolish and short-sighted to conduct economic wars at public expense to deal against the inevitable, while propping up private fortunes.
The political articles and letters below practice this writer’s viewpoint. Exposure to realities that spawned unapproved ideas was our reward for our travel in more than 40 countries: to see the realities and then to read the “official versions.” Not the same world!
All of the letters in this political section to Congress were originally sent by fax and/or e-mail to the writer’s Congressional-Trio and or to individual committee heads (occasionally, entire committees). Significantly, the lead letter was sent to every Senator individually before their first vote on the Senate’s version of the bill humorously labeled ‘Health Care Reform.”
The key dis-function in the American health care system is medical malpractice. Because the insurance companies collect premiums into their individual escrow accounts, they are credited with being the ‘source’ of payament. . .and so can control the doctors, hospitals, and ‘independent’ observers.
Universal Health Care is in reach without huge Federal expenditures. . .but only at the cost of the insurance industry’s monopoly on the escrow business in health care.You can help to change things in health care, still. . .read how!
The "Chicagoland" and "Chicago" magazine articles were also contrarian views of then-hot topics. The "Deep Tunnel" article was reprinted by Chicago's City Department in charge becuse it challenged the political and 'official' version of the project, as represented by a sitting Senator. He was replaced at the next election. The criticism of social service might have helped advertisers to shy away from the ,offending, publication. . .and close it down.Free press?

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