Q&A. . .credence. . .and what you can do about it!

Q: Do you believe that God's in His Heaven and All's Right with the World?
Then you (and Pollyanna) can join anything!
Q: Do you believe:
  • that message is more important than entertaining media; or
  • that many suppliers over-promise and under-perform; or
  • that many facilities deceive by not volunteering critical information regarding their limitations; or
  • that low-ball quotes followed by egregious up-charges are both common and hazardous to your budgets and job; or
  • that the industry press is dominated by advertisers with supplier (not user) interests at heart, and some associations (unknowingly?) help them; or
  • that computers are merely one (wonderful) delivery mechanism, not a bonafide intrinsic training tool; or
  • that maxi media visuals (anything in excess of actual need) threaten the very educational process they should serve by splitting attention spans; or
  • that the industry press avoids discussing identified issues and faults of suppliers that were long ago identified?
A: Then you need these books!

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